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VIVA Games Growth was spun out of Spain’s leading mobile games developer Genera Games, with the mission of identifying talented gaming entrepreneurs helping them find business success. With almost two decades of experience successfully launching mobile content and games, we decided it was time to put our knowledge to work to build an ecosystem of successful independent gaming companies. While we first invested in local Spanish teams, we have now scaled our reach to support teams across the world.

Curro Rueda

Leveraging 27 years of experience in the IT & Business fields, Curro has participated in high profile projects of multinational companies such as BMW, Nokia, European Space Agency, etc.. before joined Genera. He joined Genera at 2009 as CTO, later as COO, Bravo Games CEO, being directly involved in the business consolidation dealing & producing titles with Disney, Pixar, Paramount, CBS, LucasArts, Universal, DreamWorks, etc.. Currently is co-founder & CEO of Genera Indie Games, co-founding +8 s

Alejandro Redondo


Ulises Mendez

Head of Anaitics

Maria Jose Carrasco


Elena Sanchez

Head of QA

Blanca Gonzalez

Art Director

  • Genera starts to test a new business model with two Indie Studios, taking care of them, helping to focus 100% on the game, providing dedicated staff with infrastructure, know-how and publishing services.
  • Four additional independent projects are supported by Genera and the incubation/acceleration/publishing project begins to take shape.
  • Genera decides to formalize the incubation project and creates VIVA as its own separate entity. The total projects supported by VIVA scale up to 15. The first two studios are consolidated with more than 100 million downloads.
  • Two key teams come onboard and invested.
  • The game “BRIX” is sold to a large publisher under a multi million dollar deal. That game was created by one guy and our services.
  • Total projects now: 25! Eight of them as successful invested companies, seven more will be founded in 2021.

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